Stilikone Lena Terlutter – The Most Important Trends in Autumn 2014

This woman is a professional in fashion. The Cologne-based Lena Terlutter knows exactly what you should wear in autumn and of course we also do it.

Stilikone Lena Terlutter - The Most Important Trends in Autumn 2014

If he is interested in fashion in Cologne, Lena Terlutter does not miss it. She is the owner of four boutiques, including out site, businesswoman, blogger, fashion icon and mother of a small daughter. You can call it a small empire in the Belgian quarter. There, with her personal styling, she gives the direction. Not only how to get dressed up and what are the most important trends for the coming winter, but also how to set up.
A true expert in terms of style and aesthetics. Especially Instagram and her own blog use Lena as an optimal channel to show their customers and their community, what new trends have just arrived in their boutiques and especially how to stylize them.

Today, she sets the tone with us and reveals her favorite look, the most important trends for autumn / winter 2014/15 and what you can expect from her new book.

Your regular daily tasks include photos of your daily outfits that you post on Instagram or your blog. So you get a pretty good impression of your individual look. What typical Lena styling would you like to do without reluctantly in the future?

I would never do without cool basics, leather pants, hats and my bags and shoe collection.

What are your top three favorite trends for the autumn / winter season, which will surely also appear in your shops?

Finding three trends is difficult.

A trend is definitely a long coat or trench coat. The further it is cut, the better. The best way to combine this with white sneakers !

Another trend is capes, that is, long, wide Strickcapes, or even over sized scarves, which are like a jacket – definitely a must have, especially in ethno patterns.

Also a big theme fringes for fall / winter – no matter whether jacket, bag or boots – fringes are one of the trends FW’14.

What bestseller for the autumn is currently crystallizing in your shops?

Absolutely in are Maxi-Cardigans: thus knit coats which really go to the ankle.We have been selling sweaters since the end of August: sweaters, cardigans and co. The trend is that the knit becomes more and more jackets, so many customers are also reaching for thicker and heavier models this season.

A combination that always works for you and why?

Skinny leather pants, white basic t-shirt, black blazer or fine knit pulli and high heels.

Why? These parts, the silhouette and the look will never be worn out. One is uninhibited chic for every occasion – no matter whether business appointment, dinner or fashion event.

As an all-rounder, you are currently writing a book. What exactly is it about?

My book is about the Cologne style and the question: Is there a city-specific style, and if so, what does it look like?

Cologne is a city of fashion! If different from Paris, London and Co. We have illuminated Cologne’s creative scene! More is not yet revealed ….

A secret or tip, how Lena comes best through the long, dark winter?

My favorite place: Home sweet Home! In my BB Loves shop, we sell fashion accessories as well as fashion accessories. I ordered great lambskins and cuddly pillows for this fall. Sweet crockery and stylish living accessories, eg made of rose gold, are also included. It is very important for me to be surrounded by beautiful things at home. Especially in the winter you are much more domestic than in summer. All the more important to make his home comfortable, modern and yet homely.