Cory Kennedy Portrayed by The Sartorialist

A long time ago that we were not talking about this girl, a rich The Angeles that girl even a scruffy, Haggard, look with makeup run, looks the best brands and supplements the moment it as Chanel or Louis Vuitton bags. On this occasion has been portrayed by Scott Schumann, better known as The Sartorialist, Paris, I guess that you to attend any of the parades.

The girl who He began to be known thanks to the internet for your unique style, He has starred in covers of magazines such as Nylon or French Jalouse, or reports in the Argentine magazine for ti seems that it goes gradually fulfilling your dream to the world of fashion.

In the photo we see her that It has gained some weight, sports a miniskirt mustard high-waist, shirt tie and vest black, Leopard print bag and carries plenty of rings and bracelets. The truth is that the girl should be considered making the same heat around the world in The Angeles, because going so light clothing in Paris in winter you have to spend quite cold.